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Paul follows GOSH food tips on Facebook and shares with us his experience. ” Gosh Food  ” has had a profound impact on my life and health- “Gosh Food ” has impacted in a few wise words together with pictorials ,  I had known for many years but had failed to put into practice into my life, it has prompted me to change my life style habits not only for me but my immediate family who also benefit from the life style change that ” Gosh Food ” has made us re think what we eat and consume and why ,and our family now strive to follow closely the advice given.

A Delighted Fan of Gosh Foods
Paul was here

Gabrielle from Nice (38)


I am 38 years old. I used to go on diets regularly to deal with my weight issues but never managed to get anywhere on the long term. Since my pregnancy I have been tired and stuck with my excess weight. I recently came back into exercise but again I was struggling because of my weight. So maybe I was expecting for a miracle. Hence I tried MumME more by curiosity rather than getting something out of it; I thought I had nothing to lose.

MumME happened to be a very interesting and revealing experience for me. I first thought that it would be all about following religiously shopping lists, recipes & workouts.

Not only was it different from that but it helped me to finally find my path, what I wanted and what I needed to get there.

How you need to live & eat to feel good is not written in books and @nge taught me how to gradually shift my diet, my mindset and my lifestyle on the right side, I mean my wellbeing.

The program was gradual hence I could assimilate, experience things and step by step meet my son and my husband along the journey. It was like a family game at the beginning. I like the fact that this program is not only for you, it takes your environment into account.

Now I see the results on me, on my family & my life in general, I am happy and amazed. I definitely want to keep on living this way (i.e. my way) because I do not feel like I am depriving myself at all.

My skin has improved significantly, I lost 4kgs, my level of energy is great, I sleep better and my digestion improved too… and all this without dieting or depriving myself. Generally I feel less stressed, happier and more confident. This is amazing.

I learnt how to throw the guiltiness out of my life (not feeling guilty about the food I eat or simply about being me and making my own choices). Indeed MumME helped me to gain more confidence. I feel so much lighter in my head as well.

I learnt how to deal with my cravings and noticed the things that were actually causing them.

I know how to listen to my body. I feel comfortable going out, ordering at the restaurant…

My husband is a great GOSH food proof too.

Because GOSH food goes beyond nutrition, he figured out what mattered and he has been transformed for the better (though he was all against the program  when I started it but noticed how it made me feel better hence he wanted to try it out and be a part of it).

His stress level has dropped and his diet is now more natural and varied.

He got so interested into it that he was attending the group calls instead of me by the end of the program.

My son is eating better during meals and he now snacks on healthier foods. I managed to find how to swap cakes & biscuits for healthy versions of them and gradually he moved to natural foods without me forcing him.

Because GOSH food is a lifestyle it impacted our lives at home, outside or on holidays. It is great to see that if you find your path, no matter where you are, you are still on track.

First time ever that I can see something sustainable that is in line with me and my family life.

Thank you @nge for making us feel and look great.

Annie from London


I have done a lot of cookery lessons in the past and when I heard @nge was developing a new food revolution, I asked her if she could organise some cookery lessons too. I was really intrigued and wanted to discover her secrets for beauty and health.  I knew her food was different as she was into organic premium snacks and drinks but I was not too sure what to expect as I had not tried her food before. I have to say I have been really impressed. Not only is the food easy to prepare but it is very tasty and beautifully presented. Ange uses a lot of products I had never seen before like coconut oil and it makes a real difference. I loved her chocolate ice creams and had to fight with the children to get a fair share of it. I can’t wait for my next lesson.
Thank you @nge.

Ingrid from Nice (39)


When I met @nge the Beauty Builder I was desperate. I am a 39 years old mother of 2, I work full time. I live in Nice where going to the beach and wearing summer clothes is very common. After my second child I had 16kgs in excess, I could not fit in my wardrobe, I was lacking of energy and I thought that I will never be able to do anything about it after trying a few diets that got me back to my starting point with even less energy and more despair.
@nge listened to me and I was surprised that she looked into not only my diet but my sleeping pattern, my activities, my stress level, my business life, my family life: everything.
Then gradually she made me change bits and pieces till it all made sense at my own pace.
She gave me the guidance and the support I was missing.
As at today I lost 10kgs and 2 sizes without even dieting, I feel more energised than ever (at work and at home); my skin and my hair are renewed: I look and feel so much younger and happier.
But the biggest result is that I feel more confident about myself and what I am doing (I even go back to the beach with my friends). Even my husband followed the GOSH food movement and he lost his tummy and feels more energised.
We are still going out and enjoying food and drinks but it is now more structured and in line with what we want to achieve.
@nge made me realise what I truly wanted and what I was missing to fulfil my happiness. I can say now that yoyo-dieting-deprivation and low-selfesteem are past.

Sam from London (43)


To whom it may concern, last spring I was in a terrible condition: stressed, exhausted, terrible sleeping issues and overweight by 22 lbs. I decided to put myself on a diet and start a workout routine. I was motivated and looking forward to a new balanced life but I soon found out that I would not be able to hold to my protein and greens only diet as this worsened my lack of energy. I had no clue what to do and was simply unable to function with an empty stomach, and somehow I was feeling really down.
The Gosh food alternative solved the issue since I learned how to incorporate starches, indulgence and balance (rest is also an option I learnt) in my life which really give me the energy to workout and have a normal life without putting on weight and without being overstressed and unhappy.
As a matter of fact Gosh Food is the best detox you can possible offer your body and the best lift me up you can offer to your mind.
Nine months after I adopted this routine, I can say that I lost 25 lbs, my skin is brighter, my sleep is more stable and my energy levels are optimal. I would recommend Gosh Food to anyone who wants to get back in shape and does not know where to start from.

Fred from London (38)



@nge has been my partner for 8 years now and what I can say about her is that she is determined, passionate and convincing.
She has always been a foodie and that was fine. But a few months after our son was born she could not bear the tiredness, the frequent cold and flu, the excess weight (when she was actually running Paris 20k) and she decided to make a change. Thanks that was gradual because when I see where we are now I would never have thought we will be living the way we live. And it has been such a good improvement for all of us.
I am very active (marathon, triathlon, ski…) and GOSH food help me find the energy I need to focus at work and on my training schedule with having my family as a priority.
Thanks to @nge I lost 4kgs and 5% of fat. She made me eat more but differently. She unlocked the why I was exercising and not getting the results: my food was not GOSH food and I was not sleeping enough to recover. I used to complain about the mid afternoon low energy moment and this has gone as well because I snack differently and I have short breaks from my desk.
Even the kids went through the changes hence I can say that @nge is very persuasive because she managed to make them aware of junk food and they now enjoy buying vegetables and fruits at the market, preparing food with us or by their own.
Everything went smoothly so we did not have the impression of being on a diet or deprived for sure but when I look back and I see what we left behind I can’t believe it, I would never have thought we will be able to do that. The biggest achievement being that we are all happy, healthy and beautiful.

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