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@nge the Beauty Builder® is a French foodie passionate about Cooking, Health, Happiness & Beauty. She is the smart & busy Mums healthy-weight-loss and wellbeing expert.

@nge is the renown founder of the GOSH food® (Gourmet Organic Simple Healthy food) concept.
Her life time goal is to bring a fresh, different and simple approach to Beauty & Wellbeing through Food, Mindset & Lifestyle.
Because she is passion driven, @nge shares her philosophy and recipes with children, friends and colleagues to help them glow like she does. She is a successful French London-based banker and a mother of 2 who loves healthy cooking and living which she promotes very meticulously.
Health Coach, Beauty Chef, Certified Diet & Nutrition advisor and “Food Revolution Ambassador” for London;
@nge is the exclusive GOSH food Beauty Builder and Beauty & Health Chef for those who wish to embrace a sustainable lifestyle that will make them BIO (Beautiful from Inside out)® the natural way. She believes that food like people is diverse. Her expertise goes beyond diet and she offers us a wealth of wonderful alternatives to be happy, healthy and gorgeous at all the stages of our lives.


GOSH food is a concept on healthy living and wellbeing based on3 PillarsFood, Mindset and Lifestyle. Its aim is to build a BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)® YOU to find long lasting Happiness, Beauty and Wellbeing.
If you have a purpose, everything is possible.

Late 2011 I embarked my family on a quest to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Since then my challenges have been to find the right ingredients, to please all of us at the same time, while making it simple and good for us.
That is why Gourmet Organic Simple and Healthier food (i.e. GOSH food) is the concept behind the name.
If you are active and busy and you wish to reach long lasting results GOSH food is the answer.


Made in the France
I am a pure product of the French Riviera where I spent my childhood and teenage-hood.
Between the mountains and the sea, active outdoors lifestyle (swimming, walking, running, skiing), conviviality, family and friends were the ingredients of my niçoise life.
Raised in the countryside I had no sight of chains or factories; my supermarket used to be our garden and the farm.
I remember learning my love for food and cooking from both my Mum and Dad watching and helping them in the kitchen. Cooking never seemed to be a duty; it was rather a pleasure that you could share with your loved ones.
After graduation I wanted to see the (close) world:
I met other regions of France and even lived a few years in the capital.
I then realized that despite growing up in a not so wealthy family I was gifted.
Keep calm and carry on
Life adventure drove me to London where I actually found a great compromise to start building my own family. Green & urban, international & multicultural, I fall in love with London that reconciled me with the city.
Mother of 2 and in a relationship, I now work full time. The freedom and freshness of my younger years have gone but I replaced them by a new philosophy that makes my family & me Happy, Beautiful (from Inside Out) and Healthy.
GOSH food family
It is like a second nature and it has always been there, hence I decided to become a coach, a Beauty Builder.
In 2011, certainly because age makes you wiser, I familiarised myself with healthy eating, fat loss lifestyle, mindset and got rid of my sugar addiction.

In 2012 I became a Food Revolution Ambassador for London and choose to educate children around healthy eating & living.
In 2013 I am now Nutrition Advisor certified and heading to Holistic Health Coaching.


Passion driven, I am a fair believer that Food, Mindset & Lifestyle are the building blocks to a Happy & Healthy life that can make all of us BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)™,

GOSH food is not a diet; it is a lifestyle.

GOSH food® coaching

Through my passion for healthy cooking & living, study (nutrition & health), research and practice I designed a unique concept: GOSH food® (Gourmet Organic Simple Healthier).

People who joined the GOSH food life feel:
- Beautiful from the inside (more energy, happy mood, improved digestion, less bloating, less cravings, no more starving, no more dieting…),
- Beautiful from the outside (improved skin tone, improved hair texture, leaner, flat tummy…)

Beyond diet I want you to achieve Happiness, I want you to become BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)™, I want to teach you the Food, the Mindset and the Lifestyle that will bring yousustainable Beauty & Wellbeing:

• No more dieting (because you will feel & look great all the time)
• No more confusion (because you will find your purpose)
• No more low self-esteem (because you will put yourself at the centre of your new lifestyle and everything will flow from there)
• BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)™ that can include all the following:
You will feel happier
You will feel more confident
You will fit in your clothes better
You will feel and look sexier
You will have more energy
You will feel healthier
***GOSH food  makes me BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)™ ***
ME apple
Read more about GOSH food:
@nge the Beauty Builder
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