MumME by GOSH food

The stress free journey for smart & busy Mummies who want to lose weight in a healthily and to feel & look younger the natural way

Mummies you are smart & busy and you wish quick results BUT:
- You know you cannot sustain a poor weight loss diet for too long.
- You know you will lose the lbs and the glow AND YOU WILL GET THE LBS BACK TOO without the glow.
- You know you are tired of trying quick & short-term programs that make you look older than you are.
That is why I offer my support through a new kind of program to get you into a SUSTAINABLE way of eating and living for YOU and your FAMILY that will ultimately make you feel and look younger.
Why not reaching your goal and keeping the result forever?

*** The next journey starts in April 2014***

10 weeks to a new YOU with me for GBP 9.70 / week
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How does it work?

The concept behind MumME® is that as a Mum you can make your family happy, healthy and beautiful through your own happiness, health and beauty. Often mums forget about themselves and this can’t impact positively the rest of the family.
Through the step by step program you will gradually build up strong foundations and move on learning how to live a healthy lifestyle for the whole family while improving the communication between you and them and involving them in the process. This includes food shopping, cooking, time management, eating out, sport, sleep…
This is a life changing program where you will learn why and how to eat & live healthily and how to meet your goals whether you want to lose weight, to feel energised, to look good, to feel good or all of these.
It goes beyond following a meal plan and a workout (though recipes and workout will be a part of the program) because it will teach you how to find your formula so you will be able to cook, exercise and live in line with what you want for you and your loved ones.
The synergy of the group will provide additional motivation and ideas.

  • The MumME journey is an exclusive, different and efficient kind of program.
  • It is a ste-by-step approach based on food, mindset and lifestyle because these are your best friends to GOSH and GLOW.
  • Each week has a specific goal to reach that is a building step to get you closer to your personal goal.
  • And because I want you to succeed you also get 2*30 min 1-to-1 Skype call with me to discuss your case privately.
What is included? (worth GBP 300.00)
  • 10 weeks structured, step-by-step and interactive online group coaching with me
  • 5 Q&A group calls
  • Access to the MumME® private website to learn, build and move forward smoothly
  • Interactive support and motivation through a secret FB group where you can communicate with me and other MumMEs
  • How to get your mind set to focus, achieve and sustain the MumME way
  • Lifestyle design for YOU and your loved ones
  • Clean exclusive GOSH food® recipes for the whole family will be also part of the package (these will help you get off the junk food and on the GOSH food® without feeling deprived)
  • Beyond the cookbook approach that is so particular to GOSH food™. You will find what works for you and your family and how to put it in place for ever. Hence this program is not a meal plan; it is a lifestyle that you will be able to maintain
  • Beyond the gym approach or how to put in place an exercise routine that suits you
What else will you get?
  • Bonus 1: A 1-2-1 30 min Skype call with me (worth GBP 150.00)
  • Bonus 2: 2 weeks follow up for free (worth GBP 180.00)
^^^ YOU PAY GBP 97.00 instead of GBP 660.00^^^
(will depend on your commitment to the program):
  • No more dieting (because you will feel & look great all the time)
  • No more confusion (because you will find your purpose)
  • No more low self-esteem (because you will put yourself at the centre of your new lifestyle and everything will flow from there)
  • BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)™ that can include all the following:
You will feel more confident
You will fit in your clothes better
You will feel and look sexier
You will have more energy
You will feel happier
You will feel healthier
More about MumME:

BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)®

Because our body & silhouette, brain & mood, energy level & health and our happiness are fed by what we eat and the way we live, I have created a new kind of coaching program for Mums (whether their job is in the office or at home). I believe that being a Mum is a job in itself, that we are all working Mums and that we deserve to be happy, healthy and BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)® for ever.


You are smart and busy. You achieved a great career and you have a wonderful family, but you feel like something is missing and that is YOU.

As a Mum you take care of your children, of your partner and your career and often you are left behind with no time to take care of YOURSELF.

You wish you could go back to that younger silhouette of you, you wish you could feel healthy, beautiful and energised to at last become the complete woman you always wanted to be, but you do not know where to start and what to do!

and ME

Don’t worry because this is POSSIBLE and I am here to help YOU achieve that goal because I want to elevate and empower women like you and me.

I believe that to be a fully rounded woman who is happy and healthy as a Mum, as a wife and as a businesswoman you need to take care of yourself first.

That is why my program is called MumME.

I believe that Beauty and Well-being come from within and that the basics of an improved version of you start in your kitchen.

So if you are tired of trying all sorts of diets that never work on the long term, tired of feeling deprived while watching your kids having chocolates in front of you, tired of trying to eat well while making fries and pizza for the rest of the family, tired of trying things that will be gone in a few months time…

If you have heard many times that you should eat natural food to look and feel beautiful but you never managed to get to the bottom of it and you find almost impossible to achieve it with your busy life, your kids and hubby… this journey is for you.
If you wish to implement a lifestyle that is compatible with you and them and that will benefit all of you, this program is made for you.

If you wish to learn how to feed your family with love, this program is for YOU.

Are you ready to embark?

Come and join MumME the journey by GOSH food for busy MumMEs.

Important notice:

This is NOT a 10 week program to loose 10 kilos because this is not a short term solution. You will ultimately loose the lbs AND this is a sustainable way of building an improved version of you while making your family the same. I want you to find a solution that you can improve and sustain on the long term. A solution that is healthy and sustainable to make you GLOW.

This is NOT a DIET, because diets do not work and harm your body and your mind. Also by dieting you will loose muscle mass and important nutrients that won’t allow you to achieve a beautiful & energised version of YOU.

*** The next journey starts on Saturday September 28th, 2013 ***

10 weeks to a new YOU with me for GBP 97.00

Secure your place by emailing me at

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