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@nge the Beauty Builder® is a French foodie passionate about Cooking, Health, Happiness & Beauty.

GOSH food® makes you BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)®
Long lasting Happiness, Beauty & Wellbeing
Everything else is just temporary

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Gourmet for goodness, delicate taste and passion: Design your Food, Mindset and Lifestyle around what you truly want and what you like i.e. your goals & preferences,

Organic for natural, chemical free and additive free: Design your Food, Mindset and Lifestyle on natural blocks,

Simple for real, unprocessed and not difficult: Design your Food, Mindset and Lifestyle around your true values and simple things,

Healthy for better and good for you: Design your Food, Mindset and Lifestyle around what makes you Happy and what is good for you,

Food for Primary (relationships, career, physical activity, spirituality) & Secondary foods (come from your plate). Primary foods override Secondary foods.

Take a step back, Be a detective, Listen to your body & your soul
Find your GOSH food potential to reach long lastingHappiness, Beauty & Wellbeing

@nge the Beauty Builder® & GOSH food founder


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Through the GOSH food 3 pillars Food, Mindset and Lifestyle GOSH food helps you reach long lasting Happiness, Beauty & Wellbeing.

Our body through digestion and absorption takes the nutrients from the natural food we eat to provide organs, bones and cells with what they need to function and make us beautiful & healthy.
GOSH food has got a unique approach to cooking: the beyond the cookbook approach. @nge will teach you how to cook rather than what to cook because she will consider your individual profile and preferences.

Work your mental attitude towards your goals and purpose and naturally everything will flow, everything will last.
This is the secret to sustainability, what will make your GOSH food journey and the results last. It is not the recipe, it is not the workout. It is the way you perceive things… so LOVE your food, your body, your soul and be HAPPY. As long as you follow your purpose you will be on the right path. @nge can help you achieve this.

Every thing has an impact on your Happiness, Beauty & Wellbeing. Live in line with your Food & Mindset. Find how to love & to be loved, to be happy, to rest, to relax, to enjoy… how to live YOUR GOSH food life.


This is my GOSH food Day (that works for me). I can help, guide and support you to find what works for you.

My GOSH food intake is spread along the day within 3 main meals and 2 snacks (time is indicative):
Breakfast (7.30 am)
Morning Snack (10.30 am)
Lunch (1.00 pm)
Afternoon snack (4 pm)
Diner (7.30 pm)

Doing so, I avoid hunger & cravings and I keep my energy and blood sugar level stable all day long.


The GOSH food day will also include
Relaxation (before breakfast or before bedtime)
Cooking time (mornings and evenings usually)
Family / Friends / admin time (after work)
Sport (before or after work)
Sleep (my main objective = in bed by 10.30 pm or when I feel tired)

Food Basics

Try to avoid the following because they do not provide lots of nutrients (if any) and are not very healthy either:

Added salt
Added sugar*
Corn syrup, glucose syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
Butter, margarine, palm oil
Hydrogenated fats, hydrogenated vegetable oil, trans fat
Saturated fats (in high quantities)
Note on sugar: avoiding added sugar is more beneficial that you think. Our body metabolises the natural foods we eat (fruits, vegetables, starches) to make glucose, the energy it needs.
If on top we add processed sugar, we may end up with too much of it in our body. Our pancreas will have to secrete high level of insulin to regulate blood sugar. And because refined sugar is processed, it is not complete enough to be metabolised properly; our body will need to pull out essential nutrients (magnesium for instance) from our bones & organs to deal with it. Hence we can end up deficient in essential vitamins & minerals as well as tired.
Processed sugar in excess cannot always be stored in glycogen and it can also build up internal fat if not metabolised or utilised.
We usually think that fat makes us fat; but sugar does it better.Read more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-18393391 (what causes obesity)

Forget about crisp, cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks for snacks (try GOSH food snacks instead).

Eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables and fruits (must have some at each meal and snack).
When having fruits or dark chocolate (sweet) have some protein as well this will balance your blood sugar.

Drink plenty of water (try 2l a day: 1l by lunch time, 1l by bed’s time or even 3l if you can).

Think if you are thirsty of having water or tea (herbal or green) and nothing else.

Eat whole grain as it is higher in fibre and more gentle on your blood sugar and digestion than ‘white carbs’. Try gluten free options that are free from added sugar.

Vary starchy carbs: green peas, cheek peas, sweet potatoes, lentils, quinoa, Soya beans, broad beans, carrots, bananas…I have been eating gluten free for a while now and noticed a great improvement on my digestion and wellbeing. Try if you wish. No more bread and pasta, and swap wheat flour for gluten free versions (almond, quinoa, coconut, gluten free oats).
Indulgence is GOSH food. Define your indulgence, plan it occasionally and consistently.piece of cakeEat real, natural and unprocessed foods as much as possible.
Aim to make your own food and avoid processed food because it usually contains added salt and sugar above the daily doses we need as well as chemicals and loads of not so natural ingredients to make it last longer on the supermarket shelves.
These chemicals will arm your body and your health on the long term.Anyway never have regrets, just enjoy your food and the way you feel should make you eat what is right for you.Be a detective: observe how you feel after a meal (satisfaction / hunger / cravings, energy level, digestion) and manage your diet accordingly. Eliminate the food that makes you feel bloated, tired, not satisfied and unwell.photo 4

Kitchen appliances: blender (I use it so often that my partner bought a second bowl on eBay for it), steamer, lunch/ snack boxes, juicer (for hard veggies like carrots, broccolis,…).
Kitchen cupboard: green tea, herbal tea, caned tuna, caned sardines, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, flaxseeds, chia seeds, nuts, oats (plain unsweetened), quinoa, wholegrain rice, oat cakes (unsweetened), plain whole grain rice cakes, olive oil, coconut oil (for frying & baking), balsamic vinegar.
Fridge: vegetables, fruits, salad, eggs, liquid egg whites, chicken, lean ham, Almond milk, coconut milk, cottage cheese, low fat Greek yogurt, lemon.
Freezer: vegetables, fruits, fish, garlic, onions, herbs.
Handbag: water, nuts, spoon, antibacterial spray.
In the office: water, green tea, spoon, cocoa powder.
Body & Soul
Eating well is just a part of the equation; Happiness, Beauty & Wellbeing is a wild territory. That is why GOSH food has got 3 pillars: Food, Mindset & Lifestyle.Stress, lack of sleep and other factors can alleviate all the benefits of a healthy diet.
Enjoy your food while eating.
Find an enjoyable way of being active (sport is good for your heart, good for your other muscles, good for your mood, good for your look), something you can do consistently with motivation.
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Be realistic: do not think that exercise is a way of allowing you to eat anything. It is just the opposite. Put nutrition first, then exercise will help.

Try to take less care for things that are not important. Stress has no calorie but can erase all the efforts you make re nutrition / sport.
Try to SLEEP at least 8 hours per night and more if you can as it will make you look better (rested), feel better (less stressed), and lower your appetite during the day. Sleep is your metabolism reset button.
GOSH food is the illustration of my personal formula & lifestyle. Everybody is different so you can adapt it to your taste, time constraint and metabolism as well.@nge the Beauty BuilderTITRE4
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