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Dear GOSH fooders,

I am so delighted to introduce you to the brand new GOSH food logo, the reflection of the GOSH food concept & philosophy.
A big thank you to Faunawolf creations.


What a challenging and creative exercise to represent in a logo the GOSH food brand, concept & philosophy.
We all know that GOSH food stands for Gourmet Organic Simple Healthier food. Indeed, GOSH food is a different approach to Beauty and Wellbeing that will take your health & wellbeing into consideration as well as your individual profile. Through Food, Mindset and Lifestyle it will make you BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)® in a natural and simple way.
You can read though the lines that GOSH food is vibrant & peaceful, energising & balanced, individual-oriented & holistic… This is not perfection, this is HAPPINESS.

Hence GOSH food logo is simple and meaningful. There are many symbols associated with it:

Apple for Health & Wellbeing.

Leaf / Flame for Life & Energy.
GOSH food is a lifestyle, it is meant to make you alive & energised.

Red for Action, Passion, Love, Emotion and Happiness.

Green for Homeostasis & Harmony.



Rounded forms to symbolise Holistic and Zen approach.

Food is not separate from the Mindset and the Lifestyle, hence it is represented in a circle. It is a holistic concept in itself. We nourish our bodies & minds with nourishing foods such as the foods we cook & eat and with nurturing foods such as our relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality.
All GOSH food programs & solutions are based on those principles (nourishing & nurturing your body & mind).
This is the GOSH food way of building your inner & outer Beauty.Beauty is the result of a well balanced and happy YOU.
Like people and food, GOSH food is diverse because it is made for YOU.
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