CHEF by GOSH food

Culinary Health for Every days’ needs & Family life

You have heard of body builders, right? Well, now there’s a Beauty Builder® in town!

Beauty building is about creating long lasting Beauty from the Inside Out – BIO (Beautiful from Inside Out)® – by empowering you to make smart food choices and through careful food planning, preparation and cooking based on your food preferences and goals. You are only one step away from having high energy levels, beautiful skin and the body you have always dreamed of: let @nge The Beauty Builder® help you reach your goals.


You want to have fun in the kitchen while preparing quick and healthy meals for yourself and your family. You want to keep a healthy weight and create a sustainable way of living and eating that allows you to cook light and nutritious meals every day without hassle.

This could be YOU: “I lost 10kgs and 2 sizes without even dieting, I feel more energised than ever (at work and at home); my skin and my hair are renewed: I look and feel so much younger and happier.” (Ingrid)

“I lost 25 lbs, my skin is brighter, my sleep is more stable and my energy levels are optimal.” (Sam)

CHEF by GOSH food® is a BESPOKE PRIVATE GOSH food session based in your Kitchen

• Would you like to learn how to plan your meals without relying on cookbooks and learn lifelong cooking skills?
• Would you like to be able to teach your kids about healthy eating and making the right food choices?
• Would you like to learn how to prepare and cook healthy meals even if you think you don’t have time to cook?

@nge can work with you in your kitchen to guide you through essential cooking skills so you won’t need to use a cookbook. She will coach you into making better food choices for long lasting beauty, health and happiness.

Clients who have worked with @nge reported becoming healthier, slimmer and more energised: “As a matter of fact Gosh Food is the best detox you can possible offer your body and the best lift me up you can offer to your mind.” (Sam)

This service is available in Central London: Marylebone, Mayfair, Regent’s Park, South Kensington.

“I have done a lot of cookery lessons in the past and when I heard Ange was developing a new food revolution, I asked her if she could organise some cookery lessons too. I was really intrigued and wanted to discover her secrets for beauty and health.  I knew her food was different as she was into organic premium snacks and drinks but I was not too sure what to expect as I had not tried her food before. I have to say I have been really impressed. Not only is the food easy to prepare but it is very tasty and beautifully presented. Ange uses a lot of products I had never seen before like coconut oil and it makes a real difference. I loved her chocolate ice creams and had to fight with the children to get a fair share of it. I can’t wait for my next lesson. Thank you Ange.” (Annie)

Keep calm and eat GOSH food



  • Goal & intention setting
  • Kitchen scan & detox
  • Food shopping
  • Beauty & Healthy cooking basics
  • Live cooking GOSH food dishes
  • GOSH food cooking for single people
  • GOSH food cooking for couples
  • GOSH food cooking for families
  • GOSH food cooking for kids
  • Coaching session (mindset, lifestyle, time management, goals set up, follow up session,…)

For details, pricing and booking please email

All sessions are available on a one-to-one or group basis either in English or French.

“I specialise in working with families because good nutrition starts early in life. We shape our eating habits and preferences in childhood so teaching children how to cook and which foods are good for them is an essential life skill. I find working with families very rewarding as cooking with kids is fun and creates a warm, fun environment in the kitchen. I personally enjoy cooking with my children and seeing them come up with their own recipes.

My goal is to bring a fresh, different and simple approach to Beauty & Wellbeing based on 3 Pillars: Nutrition, Mindset & Lifestyle.”

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