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What non-Mums should know about Mums

  This is so true! When you’re a Mum: Sleep deprivation goes beyond breast feeding. Nightmares, cravings, ghosts, noises  and all sorts of real and unreal excuses can cause a sudden interruption of your peaceful night. You are on CCTV 24/24 because everything you do and say (maybe not think unless you say it) will […]

MumME® update

***A foundation is the lowest and supporting layer of a structure***   MumME® my first GOSH food program has been a success and we have been building strong foundations so far. Testimonials to be published soon. I help you build strong and long lasting results because everything else is just temporary.   Me expecting my […]

Active & Alive

You want to be more active but you do not have time, you do not have energy. Find what works for YOU Picture from IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) Not one sport will suit everybody because we are all different. My approach to sport is very simple, it should lift you up and not the […]


YOU are the driver of your HAPPINESS I received this letter from the school letting me know that (surprisingly) my son chose to be a pig at a school performance. He was very happy with his choice and despite not having the main role (and people making fun of his choice) he was the most […]

SOON a journey for busy Mummies

*** WATCH THIS SAPCE – SOON AVAILABLE ***   MumME® the journey for busy Mummies by GOSH food®.   @nge the MumME® coach   Because our body & silhouette, brain & mood, energy level & health and our happiness are fed by what we eat and the way we live, I have created a brand […]