What non-Mums should know about Mums


This is so true!

When you’re a Mum:

  • Sleep deprivation goes beyond breast feeding. Nightmares, cravings, ghosts, noises  and all sorts of real and unreal excuses can cause a sudden interruption of your peaceful night.
  • You are on CCTV 24/24 because everything you do and say (maybe not think unless you say it) will be copied, repeated and even retained  and used against you.
  • You are the golden source: every single problem the family comes across will inevitably come to you and you will always have to find an answer or a solution (that’s why mums are quite efficient at work).
  • Your responsibility is engaged even in your absence as you are accountable for their actions.
  • You are green without knowing it: School recycles glass, paper and plastic through your mother’s day presents.
  • Robinson Crusoe is your ideal image of a relaxing holiday.
  • Without internet, shopping and socialising would not be part of your Life.
  • You transform jobs in minute made tasks: meals, housekeeping, hair dos and make up.
  • You can make dinner, WhatsApp your Bestie and do homework (from your fortress the Kitchen) all at the same time.
  • You know that a little bit of water coupled with a dryer is the emergency formula for a “no more clean uniforms in the wardrobe” situation.

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