The Sketch Parlour review & tips for chic Family indulgence meal

Dear GOSH fooders,

The festive season is over but everything remains… So does my GOSH food life.

On the second day of the new year we had our belated (indulgence) Christmas lunch at the Sketch Parlour. I wanted to share this delightful moment, to enable you to keep on being GOSH food but not deprive yourself like most of us would do in the first weeks of the year.

I was looking for a compromise between family-friendly and gastronomy… I was far from disappointed.


In the heart of Mayfair sits the cosy and chic Parlour at the Sketch on the right hand side of the “marelle” (hopscotch). One can notice that the deco, waitresses, staff uniforms and menu have a true French influence. The dandy atmosphere makes you think about afternoon tea (which is actually on the menu) but we declined it for the comfort menu – because GOSH fooders are adventurous.

Above expectations the dishes demonstrated a gastro and affordable version of the classic fish & chips, steak tartar and pommes risolees to name a few (Not obvious when you have a look at the menu). Although I tried every single dish my beloved ones chose; my GOSH food instinct drove me to the haddock soufflé and Pierre salad with a delicate green tea to end my unusual classic experience. So many ingredients and flavours concentrated in your plate. I have one word to say and it is “bravo”. Bravo indeed for making our afternoon indulgence unforgettable.

Parlour mosaic

Gastro Club Sandwich, Green Tea, Fish & chips with salad, steak & pommes risolees.

If you ask the GOSH food kids what they enjoyed the most it will again be a surprise as they will say: the toilets & the desserts!!! You have to try to get the point.


Ladies & Gents

In other words GOSH fooders, you can enjoy your food anywhere you go as long as GOSH food is your lifestyle and indulgence is an occasion.

Also a family indulgence moment is the perfect seal to your relationships.

Parlour mosaic 2

Chocolate Tartlet, Gateau au chocolat, London to Paris & Green Tea

Here is the link to the Parlour’s menu and remember to read between the lines.

***GOSH food tips for indulgence meal:

Have plenty of water and vegetables before and after to be open to rich dishes but not to starvation and to digest peacefully the occasional treat.

Leave regrets and guiltiness behind, this is your treat therefore you either go for it or you stay at home; the shine of happiness doesn’t match with the shade of remorse.

Listen to your body and don’t overdo it so you can keep a good memory of this unique moment and enjoy every mouthful.

Do not rush, enjoy and be mindful.***


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