Express Sugar & Stress DETOX weekend

As a GOSH fooder, I avoid crash diets, skipping meals and so on, hence my definition of detox is not fasting, nor eating less, but avoiding food that is not good for me and that I need to get rid of.


One of these being Sugar.



And if you look at it a bit closer, detox (i.e. detoxification) is a treatment designed to rid the body of poisonous substances, especially alcohol and drugs.



If you are a FB or TW follower, you must have read that this week has been quite stressful for me and that I reacted not in a very GOSH food way by having every day Dark chocolate above my daily sugar tolerance. This was my choice obviously and I know what was behind it: Stress.


© 2013 GOSH food



© 2013 GOSH food



Do not worry GOSH fooders, as we say: the road to success is paved with failure, or like I say “with less successful attempts”. Food is the basic but I need to work on my stress level as well.

If we stress our body too much, it won’t even absorbed properly all the good nutrients from the GOSH food we feed it with. We won’t sleep well either and this will lead to tiredness, hunger and irritability. Very bad for our metabolism and wellbeing indeed.



So I decided to go on an Express GOSH food Sugar & Stress Detox for the weekend.

As I mentioned at the end of the post, this express Sugar & Stress Detox is designed for GOSH fooders. If you are not on a cleaner lifestyle than the average, you might need a longer detoxifying period.

I choose weekends because the principles I need to follow (especially the stress related ones) are not easy to put in place during my working week.



GOSH food express Sugar & Stress Detox principles:



NO processed and refined food because it is high in added sugar and hidden sugar as well as chemicals that will stress out our body



NO to fructose and glucose because they are sugar, I will therefore go without fruits (expect lemon as I need it to for its alkaline properties but I will have it for breakfast only) and any other sugar during the weekend (this includes fruit juices, vinegar, alcohol,…). Meaning no indulgence for me as my indulgences are usually sweet



NO to pasta, rice, oats and potatoes to avoid sugary cravings



NO to deadlines because I spend my days meeting them, I am always on the run. This is hard for me to do but sometimes I need to let it go and not to matter about timing which I can’t do during the week).



NO alarm clock on Sunday (I know I can’t do 2 days in a row without my alarm clock) when I will wake up the natural way just when my body will feel like doing so



YES to real, natural food like vegetables and lean proteins (see pictures)



YES to feel satisfied: I won’t starve myself again otherwise I won’t reach my goal



YES to plenty of water. Did you know that water was involved in every function of the body?

It carries nutrients to the cells and carries away waste materials via the kidney.

It is needed to convert food into energy and tissue; it is also key to the digestion process as it softens, dilutes and liquefies the food to facilitate digestion and helps move food along the gastrointestinal tract.

Water has got a cushioning / protecting function as well: it helps to cushion the joints and internal organs, keeping body tissues such as the eyes, lungs and air passages moist and surrounding and protecting the foetus during pregnancy.



YES to relaxation by finding time for stretching, going for a long walk in the park with the kids,…



YES to more sleep by skipping my BMF class on Sunday and going to the 10.30 class on Saturday (instead of 9), by going to bed by 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday and by waking up after 7.

Sleep is our hormones reset button. It makes us feel good and look good.



YES to delegating the food shopping and cooking



YES to postpone big admin tasks to the next weekend



A sample of my GOSH food meals:


Breakfast: vegetables smoothie (tomatoes, kale, spinach, flaxseeds, lemon, pea protein and almond milk)


© 2013 GOSH food



Lunch: Cod, kale & carrots (steamed) with Chia seeds and olive oil



© 2013 GOSH food



Dinner:Vegetables soup (broccoli, parsnip and onions)


© 2013 GOSH food





Snacks:Vegetables omelette (tomatoes, spinach, eggs and garlic)


© 2013 GOSH food




I am going to follow the principles during these 2 days off work to avoid sugar and stress and to avoid craving for sugar once the weekend will be over.




I have also sticked on my fridge the GOSH food motto: “Indulgence is an occasion, GOSH food is a lifestyle”.



If you try the “Weekend Sugar and Stress detox” let me know,



Stay happy-healthy and eat well,



@nge the Beauty Builder


Note: I am doing this over the weekend because my diet is cleaner than the average as I avoid already the following:

White carbs, gluten, processed and refined food, alcohol,… I am a GOSH fooder !!


If you are not on a GOSH food lifestyle yet but wish to get rid of sugar, you need to detox over a longer period of time (21 days usually). Contact me if you need help at



  1. Fred January 12, 2013 at 9:39 am #

    Great initiative! It has to be me next time..

  2. Salomé October 3, 2013 at 10:05 am #

    I love the Gosh Food motto! ‘Indulgence is an occasion but Gosh Food is a lifestyle’.

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