How to Glow – Breakfast is the trend of your day

Dear GOSH fooders,

I hosted the first GOSH food “How to Glow” workshop on the 10th of September at Natural Kitchen (London W1) and despite being a bit nervous before hand it all went smoothly and well.

I was enchanted to meet a few GOSH fooders face to face, ex colleagues and even Alix another food revolution ambassador as well as Onny another IIN student.

It is so constructive to meet those who you talk to everyday through social Medias.

The evening was very simple like GOSH food is. The audience learnt how breakfast could make them slimmer, focused and energised through Nutrition, Mindset and Lifestyle (the GOSH food 3 pillars). They learnt how everything we feel and do in the morning can affect the trend of our entire day.

Surprisingly the attendants were mainly males which does make sense as GOSH food (because it takes into account your bio individuality) is meant for everyone. Wellbeing, Beauty and Happiness is universal.

The sugar free icing on the cake was that everyone could try some GOSH food samples and ask questions at the end of the presentation.

On the menu was the unique & divine cocoa Chia seeds & blueberry cake (made with 13g of sugar, gluten free and dairy free).

A light and gourmet GOSH food cocoa mousse sweetened with organic honey made the perfect match with the cake.

A Breakfast without “cereal” is unbearable for some, hence I brought with me the clean GOSH food “cereals” gluten free and additive free made from organic raw ingredients and gluten free oats.

A freshly made GOSH food fruit salad (melon, nectarine and strawberries) was also on the table for variety.

On the savory side we had the niçoise Aubergine and sun dried tomatoes omelette spiced up with onions and garlic.

And we all finished up with the so called GOSH food freshly made vegetable juice combined with apples and berries (kale, celery, broccoli, cucumber and courgette). I was so happy to share my new cold press juicer with people alike.

Even non-converted (yet) people succumbed to the GOSH food concept and treats, everyone was nicely surprised. Hence you should give it a go and see how GOSH food can transform not only you but also your whole life for the better.

The conclusion of the evening was that Breakfast is the trend of your day; sustainability & wellbeing is key to weight loss and muscle building. All we want is to feel & look beautiful, healthy and happy altogether.

See you all at the next “How to Glow” workshop.



For the time being you can have a look at the GOSH food solutions to see how I can help and support you achieve your health goals.

You can also book a free Health History to see how GOSH food could improve / change your life for the better.

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