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Dear GOSH fooders,

This is not another post to talk about the benefits of exercising (for healthy body & mind I mean) but one to start talking about how my GOSH food mission / passion-driven-business is growing.

You read that I have been a class member of Eddie Norris’ Cardio Meltdown (SIXTY° OF FITNESS) sessions in Regents Park for a few days now (my muscles remember if you don’t) and he asked me to make a weekly post for his FB page.

I felt really pleased about it. The SIXTY° OF FITNESS x GOSH food mix was born last week. You can read my first post here.

It makes you feel so good to meet people alike who understand your concept, who are also building up a passion driven business and who agree on your values.

So thank you to SIXTY° OF FITNESS for the opportunity and may GOSH food grow and grow even more.

So many things happening at the moment. You can now read the GOSH food diary from the brand new website that is still a work in progress but much easier and simple to use (hopefully). Thanks to Credofy contribution.

I am also working hard on affordable convenient solutions for you both in English & in French, so stay tuned. And if you urgently need my help you can always email me at

Last but not least, I will be hosting my first GOSH food “how to glow” workshop on the 10th of September in my favourite place in Marylebone: Natural Kitchen.

See details here. Kindly click “going” if you wish to attend.

Remember I am here to find the solution that suits you not someone else :)

Keep Happy-Healthy & eat well,


@nge the Beauty Builder

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