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Dear GOSH fooders,


I wanted to share this MumME testimonial with you. If you wish to find your formula through an affordable GOSH food solution, try MumME the journey for smart & busy Mums who wish to meet their health goals while including their loved ones in the process.

Next journey starts on Saturday the 29th of September, 2013. Nothing to do before hand, simply drop me an email to secure your place. More details here. Note that MumME will be available in FRENCH by the end of the year :)

Gabrielle from Nice (38)


I am 38 years old. I used to go on diets regularly to deal with my weight issues but never managed to get anywhere on the long term. Since my pregnancy I have been tired and stuck with my excess weight. I recently came back into exercise but again I was struggling because of my weight. So maybe I was expecting for a miracle. Hence I tried MumME more by curiosity rather than getting something out of it; I thought I had nothing to lose.

MumME happened to be a very interesting and revealing experience for me. I first thought that it would be all about following religiously shopping lists, recipes & workouts.

Not only was it different from that but it helped me to finally find my path, what I wanted and what I needed to get there.

How you need to live & eat to feel good is not written in books and @nge taught me how to gradually shift my diet, my mindset and my lifestyle on the right side, I mean my wellbeing.

The program was gradual hence I could assimilate, experience things and step by step meet my son and my husband along the journey. It was like a family game at the beginning. I like the fact that this program is not only for you, it takes your environment into account.

Now I see the results on me, on my family & my life in general, I am happy and amazed. I definitely want to keep on living this way (i.e. my way) because I do not feel like I am depriving myself at all.

My skin has improved significantly, I lost 4kgs, my level of energy is great, I sleep better and my digestion improved too… and all this without dieting or depriving myself. Generally I feel less stressed, happier and more confident. This is amazing.

I learnt how to throw the guiltiness out of my life (not feeling guilty about the food I eat or simply about being me and making my own choices). Indeed MumME helped me to gain more confidence. I feel so much lighter in my head as well.

I learnt how to deal with my cravings and noticed the things that were actually causing them.

I know how to listen to my body. I feel comfortable going out, ordering at the restaurant…

My husband is a great GOSH food proof too.

Because GOSH food goes beyond nutrition, he figured out what mattered and he has been transformed for the better (though he was all against the program  when I started it but noticed how it made me feel better hence he wanted to try it out and be a part of it).

His stress level has dropped and his diet is now more natural and varied.

He got so interested into it that he was attending the group calls instead of me by the end of the program.

My son is eating better during meals and he now snacks on healthier foods. I managed to find how to swap cakes & biscuits for healthy versions of them and gradually he moved to natural foods without me forcing him.

Because GOSH food is a lifestyle it impacted our lives at home, outside or on holidays. It is great to see that if you find your path, no matter where you are, you are still on track.

First time ever that I can see something sustainable that is in line with me and my family life.

Thank you @nge for making us feel and look great.

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