Lean & tasty meal from NATURAL KITCHEN

 Summertime, summer dresses, summer attitude, all we need is a light and easy meal to prepare (still tasty and nutritious). All we want is good quality food.
In today’s blog I made a GOSH food meal from one of my favourite shopping / eating out places in central London: Natural Kitchen.

Natural Kitchen is more than a shop. It is a friendly place where you can enjoy juices, tea, coffee, salads, dishes and pastries. All freshly made from natural and good quality ingredients. 
At Natural Kitchen the Butcher is in charge of top quality meat, poultry and (gluten free) sausages.
You can be served in seconds or if like me you like to know more about the food you buy, you can have a chat with him.
This is how I found out why the marinated chicken was so tender: because it comes from Monkshill Farm in Kent where chickens are Free Range Bronze, fed on a natural cereal based diet and only brought in at night where Richard the farmer plays classical music to them all night; He swears they love it!

Delight your friends and family with Grilled marinated Chicken and fennel, cucumber & celery salad  

What you need (for 2 pers) (all from Natural Kitchen, 77/78 Marylebone High Street):
2 pieces of Marinated chicken
1 Celery stick
1 Cucumber
1 Fennel
Olive oil
The juice of 1 lemon

1.Wash, drain and slice thinly the raw vegetables
2.Add the seasoning of your choice:
             Olive oil & lemon juice
             Homemade pesto 
             Balsamic Vinegar
3.     Grill the marinated chicken 
            BBQ or oven grill: 10 min each side 
            Oven: 20 minutes 180-200 degrees 


Tips and notes:
Fennel, Celery and Cucumber are fresh and crunchy, ideal for summer dishes. They are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibres, good for your (inner and outer) beauty & your health.

This dish will provide you with lean proteins (from the chicken) and is low in starches (i.e. fat loss friendly) hence you can add Quinoa to it (also available at Natural Kitchen ready to use or to cook).

FREE HOW TO GLOW workshop by GOSH food on the 10th of September at Natural Kitchen. Check details here.

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