Help! I Feel Stuck in My Job

GOSH food through its Holistic approach looks at your Health from different angles and helps you improve all the foods that feed your Life, one of which being your career. Today I am presenting a guest post from Jana Bakunina whose expertise could help you find the job you love. Because your Wellbeing goes beyond Nutrition and happens everywhere.


Do you feel bored, caged or unmotivated by your job? Do you feel overwhelmed by career change books, blogs and newsletters and need practical advice on how to get “unstuck”?

Life Tonic workshop will challenge the way you think about work, help you to find a new direction, be it a new role or your own venture, and offer real steps to get you going towards a happier you.

Jana Bakunina took a 12-month journey to discover her real talents and passions and took practical steps before leaving her previous job and starting Life Tonic.

During this 2 1/2 hour workshop we’ll examine how you got “stuck”, what’s important for your ideal job and lifestyle and what to do to find your true calling.

Let’s be honest, you won’t hand in your resignation letter the day after the workshop, but I promise that we’ll put things in motion, get you thinking and taking real actions after just this one hands-on session.

Expert:     Jana Bakunina

Where:     Bloomsbury Coffee House, 20 Tavistock Place, WC1H 9RE

When: Tuesday, 24 of September

Time:        7pm – 9.30pm

P.S.           The doors will open at 6.45pm, the workshop will start at 7pm and will be followed by (optional) drinks at a nearby pub to celebrate the first step on your journey towards the happier you. 

This workshop is limited to 30 participants – book your place now!

Book your place here.


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