CARDIO MELTDOWN – Fresh air, vitamin D & lean muscles

Dear GOSH fooders,

Life is not static and you need sometimes to adapt to it.
It is not easy to “give up” on things, but often doing less allows you to do more.
By focusing on what matters you will succeed and not get lost in multi tasking on too many tasks.


This is my experience and I wanted to share it with you so you can see yourself somewhere along the lines and think safe by doing less or differently.
You will leave remorse and negative thoughts behind.

“I used” to exercise intensely (for me) and swapped my British Military classes for Ballet.
I love ballet but still I miss the fresh grass, the outdoors, and the unpredictable weather. And lately I just found a version of outdoors “bootcamp” that suits my current lifestyle much better. So I will no longer say (with regrets) I used to go to BMF.
I have been attending a couple of “Cardio Meltdown” classes by Eddie Norris a dynamic personal trainer on the rise.
Eddie is fit, nice and tough (like every PT needs to be) and he offers a tough & friendly 1 hour class every Saturday morning in Regents Park.
If you are a Mum like me you can even take your kids with you and they will play near the group while you are doing burpees and all sorts of unusual exercises that will make you realise that your body is made of plenty of muscles.
Because I haven’t done this kind of training for a while, the “after” first class was “painful”, I barely could bring my arms to the fifth position during my ballet class.

The first session is free and the price is fair as it is based on a pay as you go formula (very convenient for Mums as well).
All levels are welcome and there is no discrimination on your physique or fitness level. Love it.

-Pay as you go formula
-Each class is different
-Great atmosphere
-All levels welcome
-You get vitamin D & you build muscles at the same time 
-You will burn fat afterwards (exercises are fat burning oriented)
-The instructors are fit & motivating

-Be ready to ache the 2 following days but this is the proof that your muscles are responsive.

For more info visit CARDIO MELTDOWN FB page

If you need help on what to wear, what to eat before / after, drop me an email :) 

 @nge the Beauty Builder


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