In direct line with my new Food Revolution Ambassador role, I organised my first event today. 
Here is a quick summary of my very busy day with my new Food Revolution children crew.
My main mission is to educate children around healthy food & living, and that first attempt was pretty successful I must say.
My Food Revolution day mission: to shop real food at the local farmers’ market; then head back home to teach a few basics on real food and how to make real food snacks from what we bought.

We love vegetables

I found it hard to teach, cook, entertain and take pictures at the same time. 
Nevertheless my objective was met. 

Children all enjoyed the experience, they ate everything we made, and they will come back to the next Food Revolution event I will organise (Yeah).


Food Revolution Ambassador: Before we entered the market I asked my food revolution team members what they usually ate for snack and explained that the best snack you can buy is not from the supermarket or the bakery but from the farmers market where the food will usually be free from chemicals, additives, hormones and antibiotics; where you will find fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, cheeses and much more.

Kids: Actually they did the job. I told them what to buy and they did it brilliantly. We even came back home with more than we needed. They wanted to buy EVERYTHING (courgettes, peppers, salads, pumpkins, flowers, gluten free bread, artisan goat cheese, apples, pears, artisan basil pesto, eggs, flowers…).


Food Revolution Ambassador: on the way back home we defined what real food was, that it was close to unprocessed food, that it can be made by yourself in a home kitchen from whole food ingredients.
Also I mentioned that eating processed food was alright as long as you checked the ingredients first.

To make sure they got the message, they watched 3 short films:

1- Mc Donald experiment: 

2- How processed orange juice is made: 

3- How much sugar in a Coke: 

Kids: the kids were shocked !! 
Film 1 – It is not normal they thought, I am not sure I will go back to that fast food restaurant again.
Film 2 – They did not really get what was not normal, but I explained that processed juices were pasteurised anyway and hardly provided all the nutrients fresh fruits do provide.
Film 3 – WOW they could not believe how much sugar you could find in such a small can and I explained that most of the time the sugar used in fizzy drinks was HFCS = chemicals. 

We made together 3 real GOSH food tastings:
1 – Vegetables and fruits smoothie (good for breakfast as well as for snack):
Courgette, kale, lettuce, kiwi, strawberries (end of season), banana, cocoa powder, almond milk.
2 - Raw salads with 
- purple and yellow cauliflower, yellow pepper, carrots, lettuce, cashew nuts, canned tuna with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.
- tomatoes, mozzarella, courgette, lettuce, nuts with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.
3 – Gluten free bread from brown rice flower & seeds with artisan goat cheese and artisan pesto.
I initially planned 2 hours for that first event (started at 11 am) and actually the last Food Revolution team member left at 3.30 pm ☺
I did not mind and that was very informative from both sides. I see how children can be different from mine, and how differently I should teach to them as well. They learnt a lot too.
We definitely had a great Food Revolution time. My new team members asked a lot of question and thanks goodness I was prepared. It was amazing to see that some of them had some knowledge (like knowing that kiwi was rich I vitamin C for instance). 
We made a snack revolution. They were a bit surprised to see that snacks could be not sweet but loved the taste of it (even if they will need more time to get used to the vegetable smoothie).
Anyway they gave a try to everything we talked about; everything we made. 
Children are smart, children are curious. They simply need to be taught.
Talking about the cocoa powder, I explained the difference between raw cocoa powder and the chocolate powder you buy in the cereals aisle of the supermarket by showing them the ingredients and they were surprised to learn that most of the chocolate powders sold out there are actually not chocolate but sugar.
Hence I will organise other Food Revolution / GOSH food workshops to talk about labelling, breakfast, dinners, eating out… And I am looking forward to it.
One dad told me when he collected his daughter that I should do the same for adults. And you know what, this is what GOSH food is all about (but I can only give you my free time).
Hopefully you enjoyed this post as much as we did. Of course I could not really talk in detail about every thing we did / said but will post more on GOSH food children.
And don’t forget the FOOD REVOLUTION DAY ON THE 17th MAY 2013. Like marathons, we need to train before the event. 


  1. Emmanuelle Weisberg October 21, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    Whoua! How did you manage to handle shopping, cooking, teaching and taking pictures , all of that with some kids ?! Snack was a good idea and taking kids to farmer market is great, I will do the same when I have kids so taht they understand what real food is. Bravo Gosh Food, I bring my support your food revolution

    • GOSH food October 21, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

      Hi Emmanuelle,
      Thank you very much for your support, it means a lot to me, a lot!
      Actually that was not easy and I am exhausted. But I was positively surprised to see that they enjoyed it and they were really keen on learning about healthy habits.
      Children are so meant to learn, they are the new generation, they need start life with healthy habits to adopt a healthy attitude :)
      Thank you again and have a lovely night.

  2. Bernard Corcos October 24, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Fantastique ! Jamie a initié le mouvement et tu as su en prendre…de la graine ! ;)

  3. awaken's girl March 12, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    This is amazing. I’d love to do something like this at my children’s schools. I’m not sure how I could organize it but I’m going to bookmark your site and use it for reference to see if I can get anyone “important” on board. ;)
    Thank you for sharing what you are doing as a Food Revolution Ambassador!

    • GOSH food March 13, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

      Thank you to you for your nice comment. I fairly beleive that young people need to learn how to take care of their precious health :)

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