What non-Mums should know about Mums

  This is so true! When you’re a Mum: Sleep deprivation goes beyond breast feeding. Nightmares, cravings, ghosts, noises  and all sorts of real and unreal excuses can cause a sudden interruption of your peaceful night. You are on CCTV 24/24 because everything you do and say (maybe not think unless you say it) will […]

Guilt-free cookies

Mummy I want some cookies. As a Mum I like to please my kids and to spoil them occasionally (birthday being the perfect occasion). My son turned 5 lately and he wanted a birthday breakfast treat. I tried the Amy Ruth’s cookie mix and baked him some vegan cookies (a first). I simply added coconut […]

Best Wishes!

Dear GOSH fooders, I am so happy to see you again. This is the time of the year when we look towards our past and future, the time of the year when we want to make a good impression, the time of the year for wishes, forgiveness and resolutions. I wish you heath, happiness, prosperity […]

Guilt free Cocoa Cream

Dear GOSH fooders, We already know that we are what we eat and that is why we want to be GOSH food. One-way to preserve the nutrients from the GOSH food we eat is to consume it raw. This is a recipe I posted on the GOSH food show (the You Tube channel) that is an […]

Charity – Food is the fuel of Life

We can be fussy about food but sometimes we need to remember that for some us it is often rare, precious and vital. Through my numerous races (marathons, half-marathons and etc…) I happened to raise funds for charity. Though I did not find it easy to go and persuade people to give, I can now […]

Breakfast makes you slimmer WORKSHOP

Dear GOSH fooder,  I am delighted to announce the first “HOW TO GLOW” workshop by GOSH food that I will be hosting on Tuesday the 10th of September, 2013 at Natural Kitchen in Marylebone. How Breakfast can make you slimmer, energised and more focused. Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm Location: Natural Kitchen, 77-78 Marylebone High Street, […]

Help! I Feel Stuck in My Job

GOSH food through its Holistic approach looks at your Health from different angles and helps you improve all the foods that feed your Life, one of which being your career. Today I am presenting a guest post from Jana Bakunina whose expertise could help you find the job you love. Because your Wellbeing goes beyond Nutrition and […]

Passion driven Business

Dear GOSH fooders, This is not another post to talk about the benefits of exercising (for healthy body & mind I mean) but one to start talking about how my GOSH food mission / passion-driven-business is growing. You read that I have been a class member of Eddie Norris’ Cardio Meltdown (SIXTY° OF FITNESS) sessions in […]

Lean & tasty meal from NATURAL KITCHEN

 Summertime, summer dresses, summer attitude, all we need is a light and easy meal to prepare (still tasty and nutritious). All we want is good quality food. In today’s blog I made a GOSH food meal from one of my favourite shopping / eating out places in central London: Natural Kitchen. Natural Kitchen is more […]